The Rise of Connected TV and 3 Uses

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The types of advertising for your business are ever-changing, so you never know what’ll happen next. 

Considering how we consume information today, you can’t avoid thinking about at-home entertainment. Since when have you watched an online video just for fun? What shows do you like to watch on TV? 

Feeling alone is unnecessary. We have relied increasingly on streaming entertainment to keep us entertained over the past year, as we have spent more time indoors than ever before. Conviva reports a 26 percent increase in streaming in the US following Coronavirus. As Smart TVs become the norm, these numbers will only increase.

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What is a Connected TV?

Internet-connected TVs can receive digital content via the internet.

Internet-enabled Smart TVs are also included. A smart device such as a gaming console like a Playstation, a DVD player that’s connected to the internet, or a streaming box like a Roku can also be included in the setup in addition to a standard TV.

Over the past few decades, it was easy to draw attention to commercials on one of the three major networks. Since entertainment is available from many sources, this is no longer true.

The field of new entertainment is dominated by a few big players. YouTube, Hulu, and Roku dominate the connected TV market. By 2022, YouTube will have a 39 percent share.

New ways of sharing content are available. This also applies to advertisers.

Why do they Work for You?

To reach your target audience and get them to take action, you need to use other forms of marketing as well. Think about your target audience. In addition, if they consume information from connected TV networks, this may be a great opportunity.

You could only target television viewers based on context as a television advertiser. It is important to know who is watching the show on which your advertisement will be placed.

Ads on connected TV are more customizable. You can track the journey of your audience from start to finish by targeting your audience, profiling who is viewing your advertisements, and creating dynamic advertising platforms.

Perfect Target

You will find that placing ads on connected TV works similarly to how Facebook and Google are loved by advertisers. 

Watching connected TV requires you to create a profile. Marketers can take advantage of the opportunity to create targeted ads based on demographics, like zip code, interests, the device used, or online behavior.

Are you interested in your content appearing only during specific times of the day? Certainly. Other marketing methods, such as retargeting, can also be used with this method.

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More Ads

When you’re familiar with television advertising, you can easily spend an entire year’s budget on one advertisement. Connected TV Advertising can be experimented with, changed up, and tested in order to make them more economical.

Change the call-to-action. Format it differently. Create ads that can be viewed on various screens. Just remember that. A device that does not display the product correctly will not sell. It is, however, possible to track that. The majority of your viewers will likely use digital devices such as tablets, in which case your content will look good on them.

Better Audience

Most people avoid advertisements by doing what they can. Just think about your own behavior. Most people change the radio station when they hear an ad. While watching a favorite show, they mute the audio.

Smarter audiences require smarter marketers. TV ads connected to the internet can help.

You should select audiences that will most likely consume your content. You can find the right audience for your objectives when you clearly define them. The content you produce will lead to greater satisfaction and action.