Things to Consider Before Enrolling in an Online Master of Education Program

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

Getting your master’s degree can take a long time. It’s crucial to consider the program’s prerequisites for entrance and curriculum. It’s also important to find an online school accredited by a recognized accrediting agency. This will ensure you are getting a high-quality education and can secure your desired job after graduation.


If you’re interested in a career in education, an online Master of Education (M.Ed) program is the ideal option. You can earn your degree part-time or full-time and take classes at your own pace, making it possible to continue working while earning your degree. Many teachers and school administrators hold M.Ed degrees, which helps them receive higher salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that teaching positions will grow 8% between 2020 and 2030. If you want to advance your career and improve your salary, an online M.Ed may be the perfect fit. Before enrolling, consider each program’s requirements and determine which ones are right for you.

Length of Program

The length of a master’s in education program varies by institution and student body, but the average is in the double digits. Those with family responsibilities will find it harder to enter an online degree. For the dedicated learner, it’s a matter of priorities, time and budget. Choosing the right program and committing to a reasonable timeline is a matter for most. A graduate degree in education can be a daunting task, but the right program can help to lighten your load and enhance your career path. The best M.Ed. programs online will provide a supportive learning environment with faculty who are more than willing to answer questions and make your experience pleasant. A well-chosen online M.Ed program will also make your life easier by reducing the number of missed class sessions and allowing you to complete your coursework from the comfort of your home or office. The best programs also offer a solid support system for fellow and grad students to turn to for advice and encouragement.

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Requirements for Undergraduate Degree

An undergraduate degree is a post-secondary credential that many students pursue after high school graduation. These degrees can be obtained at several colleges, universities and vocational/trade schools.

A bachelor’s degree usually requires dozens of courses covering your major and general education requirements in math, science, English and writing. These requirements provide a solid foundation for your graduate studies.

Consider your career goals and financial resources when determining whether to earn a bachelor’s or graduate degree. Some jobs demand a graduate degree, which can increase your employment opportunities and salary potential.


Compared to earning a master’s degree on campus, an online education master’s is a much more affordable option. It’s not uncommon to see tuition costs below $40,000; some schools even offer these programs for under $10,000. Costs vary widely from school to school, so it’s important to research before enrolling in an online M.Ed program. Consider the type of degree you want, your budget, and your career goals.

Enrolling in an accelerated program can complete your degree in as little as 15 months. This is ideal for working professionals who must meet other obligations while completing their degree. If you’re a current teacher or are planning on becoming one, an online teaching master’s degree will prepare you to advance your career and make a bigger impact on students’ learning and development.