7 Unique Gift Ideas to Wow Your Loved Ones

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

Year after year, you get the opportunity to make someone’s day by simply giving them a gift. But as birthdays, holidays, and special occasions pass by, you start running out of ideas to show your appreciation to your loved ones. 

To get you out of this predicament, here are 7 unique gift ideas that are sure to wow your loved ones. 

1. Baking Kit

Unless your loved one is on a Special K diet, you can rest assured that this gift can fill them with joy. A baking kit contains a mix of ingredients with a recipe that allows you to bake something from scratch. Everything in the kit is pre-measured, while complicated ingredients are already mixed together. This makes it easy to bake the items into delicious treats. This gift can certainly earn you some brownie points if your loved one likes to cook.

2. Snack Basket

If your loved one is not a fan of cooking but appreciates delicious food, you can turn to gift baskets delivery instead. These gift baskets have pre-cooked items such as cookies, brownies, and popcorn in them, while also carrying the added advantage of special packaging. This means that you don’t have to do anything special after ordering them. In fact, you can get them delivered directly to the recipient’s address to give them a pleasant surprise with your present. 

3. Movie List Poster

For those who are a part of Film Twitter or hold a Letterboxd account, this unique gift can be a head-turner. Apart from theatrical posters of popular movies, you can also look into specialized items such as a bucket list movie poster that contains a list of the 100 greatest movies of all time. The thought that you put behind this present and how you show your value towards your loved one’s interest is sure to be appreciated by them.

4. Spa Day

By giving your loved one the present of relaxation, you can show that you value all the hard work that they do in their life. Besides outlining the value of self-care, this present can truly help them let go of their worries and feel refreshed afterward. While putting together this gift, you should remember the top features for a spa day and determine if the spa you are going to choose offers them in the first place. 

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5. Ceramic Bookends

For those who love literature, receiving a gift of ceramic bookends can be the ultimate form of appreciation. Since bookends provide character to any bookshelf as well as the one who owns it, they remain a personal and impactful gift for those who appreciate books. In case your loved one likes a precise color or art style, you can look for other types of bookends that reflect their personality even better. This adds to your thought behind the present.

6. Bracelet

If you have a penchant for DIY projects, you can also look into creative ideas for making accessories and whip up a bracelet for your loved one. This opens doors to a variety of fun ideas that you can use to make this bracelet. From candies to precious metals and everything in between, you can be as creative as your mind lets you be. But while you have fun, make sure that you keep your loved one’s tastes in mind.

7. Celebrity Message

In case your loved one likes reality TV or old Hollywood charm, you can find a variety of related personalities online who record personal messages on request. You can get a gift card for a celebrity message app where you can discover almost all such media personalities. Otherwise, if you know which celebrity your loved one appreciates the most from the list, you can book a message from that specific celebrity. This makes for a fun and lighthearted gift that remains unique in its own right. 

By going through these ideas, you can find a present that appeals to your loved one the most. You can also bookmark other suggestions for future occasions, so you don’t have to scramble for advice in a few months all over again.