Things to consider before renting or buying an air compressor unit

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Written By Charlotte Miller

An industrial air compressor is not just a unit; it is a whole system through which many activities are carried out. Most construction companies buy or rent it for carrying out their construction activities and various other services. Due to heavy expenses on purchase and maintenance, majority of the industries prefer to take up the air compressor units on rent.

Regardless of whether you rent or buy it, there are few things you must keep in mind for a smooth deal. Let’s discuss these basics in detail. We bet you will be more confident of your decision to rent an air compressor system.

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  • Budget to rent and store an air compressor:

Before buying or renting an air compressor unit, you must first check whether you have a budget to do so. Air compressors not just one time investment, you need resources to make it run and money to invest on its maintenance and repair from time to time. For instance, a construction company may need air compressors for a specific project and for limited period only. Thus, investing money in buying a new one would not be wise in such a scenario. 

  • Portability and space:

Another factor to look at is portability and space. If the air compressor you are renting is not mobile, it won’t make sense to take it up on rent. Portable compressors can be used for field work. Thus, the units need to be portable to shift from one location to another. 

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  • Make a test before you invest:

You cannot bring anything randomly, especially when you are renting equipment that must have been used by someone else earlier. You must first know the options available in machinery and equipment that are available for rent. Running a test would be the wisest option before you book it. A test run at the rental site helps to know what type of air compressor would work for your project and whether that machine is worth to invest money in.

Now that you have the guidelines to rent an air compressor, you must also know the basics to use the unit. These are useful to get the most of air compressor functional for you. Let’s discuss the same in short.

  1. Read the instructions well. Even if you get the unit on rent, you must receive the booklet of instruction on how to use. 
  2. Check if the equipment is in working condition. This can be done by performing a small test before taking it under your name.
  3. The temperature of the room or the location should be optimum so that your air compressor unit has proper ventilation as we discussed.
  4. You must also lubricate the unit well. Having a machine that is used for specific projects may sometimes rust the parts for being unused for long. Lubrication helps to clear off the dust, dirt, and rust from the components of the air compressor unit.
  5. You must also put the air filter on priority. Using clean and maintained filter help increase productivity as well as save cost in many things. You don’t want to end up spending money and spoiling your investments on repairs and maintenance especially on renting equipment. 

Other than the above information and guidelines, you know the purpose of renting an air compressor and thus, you must be confident of your decision. Find out more about how you can consider Air Compressor Rentals online. We recommend that you discuss the budget objective, and site with your vendor on call and clear any doubts regarding air compressors.