What To Do To Get Rid Of The Snowplow Around You

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Written By Charlotte Miller

To get rid of that damn snowplow using commercial snow removal company once and for all, here are a few top 5 exercises to do. However, get this in mind; the plow will not magically disappear after 30 minutes of trying. It takes patience and especially practice! So, focus on long days of skiing on slopes of different levels rather than spending more than 40 minutes on a green slope doing exercises. 

5 Exercises To Do To Get Rid Of Snowplow

  • You are forcing yourself to ski with your skis in parallel between each turn.
  • Do a few “leg independence” exercises (lift one foot then the other, take a skater’s step on the flat then on a slight slope, take turns in turns, lift the inside foot during the turn, etc.).
  • Practice different types of skids (on facilitating terrain such as lower slopes, slopes with curves, cannon bumps, etc.)
  • Round off while keeping the two skis parallel, focusing the gaze in the distance and not on the skis and making scallops (“Succession of slanted or rounded skids interspersed with direct tracks or downstream pivoting allowing repetition” L’ Alpine skiing teaching, Memento 2017)
  • Pass with the two parallel skis on boxes and dancefloors for learning and beginners (S) (box and dancefloor: learning modules resembling boxes)

So why don’t we completely forget about the snowplow?

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For The Ski Lift Queues: 

The snowplow opening is quite effective during long minutes of waiting in the ski lift queues. It’s restful, and above all, it avoids entering the neighbor in front when there is a movement of the ground, not the top. (To be avoided, of course, if a patch of ice is located before the ski lift)

To Help Someone Get Started: 

Again, it seems silly, but you also have to know how to set an example from time to time. And it is always easier to show our young padawan the way by opening the snowplow. We are more available to catch it in the event of a fall rather than with the two skis in parallel. Then, the switch snowplow (upside down, back to the bottom of the track) is still much more practical to give confidence to the person in front of you.

To Get Past A Complicated Place: 

The snowplow is a bit of a skier’s soft toy. When something gets a little too complicated, it’s easier to go back to basics. For example, during an off-piste outing, the “steme” turn (opening of the upstream ski like a snowplow) at a reduced speed will allow you to pass passages with heavy or heavy snow. But be careful not to do it at too high a speed; you could leave a knee there.

To Improve Your Outside Leg Support: 

And yes. One of the exercises to improve your future outside leg support is to open the snowplow before crossing the fall line. To do this, you have to keep the two skis parallel, then open the upstream ski-in snowplow (stem opening) and put your whole-body weight on it during the turn. Guaranteed effect!

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To Smooth: 

Whether in a super slalom, a giant, before a kicker, or a rail in a snow park, you have to know how to smooth (remove excess snow on the course by spreading the snow using your skis). And one of the two smoothing methods remains the snowplow (well, not to try on an injected track, of course).

To Prepare The Ground For Someone Who Has Difficulty Skiing Behind You: 

If you find yourself (I don’t want you) on challenging terrain with someone in difficulty behind, especially off-piste, a technique is required: put the person in difficulty at the back of the group and let the people at the front make significant turns (giant turns type) by compacting the snow by snowplowing. This will allow the person in difficulty to have the impression of skiing on a groomed slope (or almost)!

To Brake Quite Simply: 

To brake when skiing, once you become an experienced skier, you don’t always have to brake by sending a spray of snow on your friends. You can also continue to brake in a snowplow with commercial snow removal company without shame if the speed and the terrain allow it. Because we cannot repeat it enough: a good skier is above all someone who knows how to adapt and use all the techniques to achieve his goals!