Things to Know When Writing an Essay 

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Essay writings are usually a part of one’s academic curriculum. Whether you are in high school, college, or university, you might have been assigned the task of writing an essay. At some point, you may have thought about how do I write my essay. Perhaps you may need to write a same day essay and search for tips to get it done. Underneath, you will be getting to know a few of the do’s and don’t of essay writing.  

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Checking for Topic Relevance 

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The topic is considered relevant when it is up to date and can be related to your target audience. It should be one they can understand and grab the concept of. Therefore, it is necessary to check for topic relevance when writing an essay. If you are trying to prove a point in your essay, make sure to back it up with recent research, references, quotations, observations, or facts and figures.  

Using Appropriate Vocabulary 

It would help if you used vocabulary for your essay that is appropriate for your target audience. Furthermore, it would be best to keep in mind what essay style you are going for when choosing the vocabulary. For formal essays, more formal language is used and complex words or sentences.  On the other hand, you should use simpler vocabulary and colloquial language for informal style. Use vocabulary that your audience can understand, and they can easily grasp what message you are trying to convey.  

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Be Original and Follow Word Limit 

When you say, “I am going to write my essay,” it is your essay and requires you to be original and authentic with it. Plagiarism is easy to be spotted and is inappropriate. Please do not copy the works of another unless you are giving the reference or giving them proper credits for it. Do not exceed the word limit either. Mostly, for academic tasks, you are asked to follow a specific word limit. Even for content writing tasks, your client might assign you a word limit, do not exceed it.  

These are only a few of the many do’s and dont’s you should consider when writing an essay. So, next time you think about how I will write my essay, hopefully, this helps you.