Tips to boost your Instagram Followers

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Instagram is expected to be among the most significant marketing platforms for companies in 2021. Since user engagement is associated with more impact on your market, Instagram engagement should be the central element of any marketing strategy for social media. Engagement is crucial since it’s a major element in Instagram’s post priority algorithm. So if you’ve got an incredibly high level of engagement, your post will likely be placed in the top spot in your feed’s feeds, which is where they’ll be able to view it.

Engagement on Instagram measures how engaged your followers are in your content. It is based on a mix of factors like comments and saves shares, likes views, views, and many more. Here are some easy ways to increase your Instagram business account’s engagement and improve the overall reach to the people you want to reach. There are 7 tips for boosting your Instagram Followers.

1. Experiment with content

The best method to figure out which strategies for marketing will work best for your target customers is to try different strategies. Try sharing videos, stories, quizzes, polls and carousels IGTV giveaways, and other contests to determine which strategies effectively work with your followers. You might consider establishing connections with relevant influential people in your industry and developing content in collaboration with them. Consider the possibility of advertising on Instagram.

Even if you believe you know what content is most effective for your Instagram business page, however, it’s still an excellent idea to play with different types of posts to ensure that your company isn’t missing the chance to increase or expand its reach.

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2. Analyze and track engagement

To ensure that your experiment is paying off, you must evaluate your interaction. When your page is set to be an enterprise profile, you’ll be able to access Instagram’s analytics tool (also called Instagram Insights). This tool lets you look at the detailed data of interaction for your posts, including the number of saves, comments or shares, as well as the total number of impressions that your content receives.

These elements are crucial in calculating your engagement score and ultimately determine your position in the Instagram algorithm. Be aware of the hashtags you are using and which stories or posts are the most popular, and then utilize this information to improve your marketing strategy in the future.

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3. Pay attention to timing

A crucial yet simple factor to consider when drafting an “Instagram for business” strategy is to consider the times of the day you publish. Suppose most of your followers are located within Australia, and your company is located in the U.S. In that case, you will need to be able to post late in the evening or early in the morning so that you can get to those Instagram users who are awake and on their smartphones.

Additionally, you should consider that your Instagram followers might be more active during weekends. Find out if this is true for your followers, and be sure to incorporate that data into your schedule of posting when they’re more likely to be engaged with content on the weekend or a Sunday.

When it is demonstrated that posting regularly can help increase engagement and reach overtime, you should be careful not to make the same posting every day since the predictable could be detrimental to engagement.

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4. Prioritize your captions

It only takes a single second to read the post, but it could take four to five times longer to read a long caption. Instead of adding an array of emojis to your posting, you should take the time to create long, engaging captions to increase engagement on your company’s Instagram feed.

Your photo should be engaging enough to draw your viewers to read your caption. It could be as long as 2,200 characters long. Captions allow your readers to stay longer on your content and shouldn’t be overlooked when you increase engagement.

5. Be authentic

Instagram users aren’t interested in boring advertising campaigns. Your followers prefer to feel as if they’re insiders of your business. Display what’s happening in the background and be open about your business. Integrity and honesty on your professional profile will build trust with your followers and enable you to reach a wider audience in the future.

6. Utilize the power of videos

According to a study conducted in 2019, the videos receive more than twice the amount of comments as an ordinary post and get the highest amount of engagement than any other post on Instagram.

Though creating videos for your blog might seem overwhelming, don’t be afraid to tackle the task. There is no need for expensive equipment or even a comprehensive Instagram method (see the previous paragraph) to make the most of the potential of the videos that you post on your site. A candid behind-the-scenes video shot with your iPhone can be sufficient to enhance your Instagram marketing.

7. Create carousels

“Carousels” or “slideshows” are Instagram terms used to describe posts that contain multiple videos or images. The user swipes left to open more than 10 squares. Hootsuite’s latest analysis of carousel-based posts has revealed that they receive more than three times the engagement compared to a standard post. This explains the reason slideshows have become a major feature on Instagram in recent years.

Integrating carousel posts into your marketing strategy can increase your followers’ time to look at your feed and boost your overall engagement rating. Create a genuine carousel using texts and videos, and then combine it with a long, compelling caption for an easy way to publish interesting content via the Instagram application.