Tips for Styling Luxury Watches

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The market offers a wide variety of luxury brands. You could have trouble finding the one you desire because there are so many options available. Additionally, there are many sizes and types of luxury timepieces.

Chrono24’s Breitling watch collection is one luxury brand that you can look out for. It has many luxury watches with different straps and designs to suit a variety of tastes.

At times, when dressing up, we overlook things such as watches and we ignore how we style these timeless pieces. You’ll learn the value of styling your watch in this article, from choosing the ideal strap to coordinating it with other accessories.

The Basics

The classic way to wear a watch is to have it strapped to your wrist. It should sit comfortably above your wrist bone with the dial facing upwards. To protect the dial and make it simpler to observe the time, some collectors advise wearing watches on the inside of your wrist.

Whether you wear your watch on the left or right is entirely up to you. Tradition dictates that it should be worn on the left, though, because it’s your non-dominant hand.

However, this is different for left-handed people as they will wear their watches on the right hand because that is their non-dominant hand. A general rule is that you should wear your watch on your less dominant hand to avoid distractions.

Style Your Luxury Brand

Here are a few tips for styling your luxury brand.

Always Match

Always match your belt with your shoes and the straps of your watch, especially if it’s a leather strap Navitimer watch. This will ensure your watch doesn’t clash with your outfit. Matching accessories makes them look classy and can make them stand out.

If you’ll be wearing dark clothes, opt for a darker strapped watch. A gold watch, on the other hand, is a timeless piece that can be worn with anything. From your black suit to your jeans, it’s a great piece for a range of attires.

Pay special attention to detail all the time. Simple things, such as matching your watch straps with your belt, go a long way, showing that you always put effort into your looks.

Dress for the Occasion

Just like you wouldn’t wear a jogging suit to a black and white party, your watch must match the occasion. Drop your watch if you believe it doesn’t correspond with the attire of an event.

For example, if you bought a classic diamond watch, you probably only intend to wear it on expensive and special occasions, not for everyday wear.

You can also stay trendy by wearing your watch, even if it’s slightly out of place, to create a statement. Don’t be afraid to play around with colors to incorporate a different look with your watch style.

Have More Than One

You can wear a different watch for every occasion if you own many luxury timepieces. If you keep an eye out for them, you can find expensive items on sale, despite the fact that it can seem impossible.

The greatest approach to getting multiple luxury watches is through sales. Most high-end shops tend to have a special price for older stock, so always be on the lookout. Remember, a classic watch never goes out of style.

Less is More

Don’t over-accessorize when styling your watch with your outfit. Always ensure that it compliments your attire. If a person wears an expensive piece, they commonly want it to stand out on their wrist. This means that if you are wearing other pieces of jewelry with it, they must be chosen with care.

If you’ll be wearing rings, make sure they match with your watch. If you are wearing a gold ring with a leather strap watch, ensure the buckles of your watch are gold, too. Some prefer to avoid mixing metals, while others like the look.

Change The Straps

You might wish to swap out the straps on your watch for one of two reasons. It can be for aesthetic purposes alone, or it might be because the straps have worn out, but the watch face is still in good condition.

This is a simple hack if you can’t afford to own several luxury watches. You could have leather fabric and metallic straps for your watch and interchange them with your different outfits. Changing your straps can also be a way of upgrading your watch.

Go for something you love

Your style basically defines you. How you dress tells people a lot about you, so when choosing a luxury watch, like a Breitling watch, go for something that’s going to compliment your style. Let your watch bring out your confidence.