Tips On Writing Killer Headlines For Your Content

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Whether you like it or not, your blog post or article’s headlines have a huge impact on how many people click on it. Headlines are probably the first and the only thing that your prospective readers will see and decide on whether to open the article or not.

A good headline grabs the readers’ attention and offers some kind of reward/benefit to the readers in exchange for their precious time. Therefore, it is essential for you to write great headlines for your content.

If you don’t know how to write killer headlines, you can follow our 8 amazing tips:

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1. Write your Main Keyword in the Title

Whenever you search for something either on Google or on any other platform, you use some word or phrase to get desired results. That phrase or word is called the keyword. It is essential to write the main keyword in your title, so that when people search for the topic, your blog post shows up in the search results. 

Your content can have multiple keywords but you have to search for the one that is most suitable and also has a high search volume. It is not difficult to find the keyword but to optimize your headline and content with the right keywords is a difficult task. 

You should also optimize for local searches if you have a business. For example, if you are in Singapore, that has a population of more than 5.9 million people and almost 89% of the people accessing the Internet, you need your content optimized for the local search intent as well. 

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2. Use numbers in your Headlines

One thing that is both the simplest and yet effective for writing out killer headlines and get more clicks is to use numbers in your headlines. Numbers are inherently scroll-stopping and you cannot afford to leave them out. 

For instance, if you use “7 ways to grow your blog” as your headline instead of using “tips to grow your blog”, you will likely attract more readers.

When you use numbers in your headlines, make sure to use digits instead of words. For instance, use “7 ways to grow” instead of “seven ways to grow”. Also, make sure that the number is placed in front rather than at the end of the headline. 

It helps in structuring your headlines.

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3. Create a Sense of Urgency

In today’s world where an average person sees hundreds of ads, posts, and news articles in the span of a single day, it is extremely difficult for copywriters to grab the attention of the customers. 

According to the Time magazine, the attention span of humans has decreased to 8 seconds only.

Unless you create a sense of urgency through your headlines, your prospective readers will skim through your article or blog post. Creating urgency can be as simple as adding “Now” or “Urgent” in your headlines. 

For instance, using “9 Easy Tips to improve your Content Right Now” instead of “9 Easy Ways to improve your Content” can grab the readers’ attention.

4. Use Power Words

The language in your headlines is one of the major factors in improving the click-through rate on your blog posts or articles. Using words such as secret, ideas, don’t/can’t, save, prevent, important, best/worst and facts are some of the words that can grab the readers’ attention.

For instance, instead of writing “5 tips to improve your content”, you can write “5 secret ideas to improve your content”. Tips is not an attention-grabbing word while secret ideas can make a real difference when it comes to grabbing attention. 

Similarly, you can use “5 Content Writing Mistakes you don’t want to make” to grab the attention of your prospective readers.

5. Ask Questions

Question-based headlines have always been and are still one of the most effective ones. If you ask a question in the headline that your readers seek answers for, there are more chances that your readers will click on your post or article. 

For instance, using “How to improve your online sales?” instead of using “Improve your online sales” has more chances of getting clicked.

It is because of the psychological fact that people will have a feeling of dissatisfaction if they don’t find the answer for a question. Therefore, using questions in your headlines can be an effective way to improve the click-through rate.

6. Build Curiosity

Imagine that you’re watching an episode of a crime show and the episode ends without disclosing the identity of the criminal. It would create suspense in your mind. You would want to know more about the identity of the criminal.

This is the effect that we want in the readers’ minds. When they see the headline, they should want to learn more about it. Achieving this is pretty simple; don’t give complete information in title. 

For instance, you can use “How I improved my Content Writing in just 3 Days?” to pique the readers’ interest. They would want to know how you achieved it and that too in just 3 days.

7. Keep it Short and Simple

Remember, we told you that the attention span of an average Internet user has decreased to just 8 seconds. Your readers will lose attention if your headline is too long. If you want to attract more readers, you should keep your headlines short and simple, up to 12 words or less.

It does not mean that the headline should not give the readers a complete picture. It must answer why the reader needs to click on the post. 

Examples of a short but effective headline are:

  • Your ultimate guide to writing effective content
  • 5 secrets digital marketers are not telling you
  • Write Killer Headlines in Minutes

8. Write More Headlines and Choose One

Writing multiple headlines for any blog post or article is yet another effective way to land on that perfect headline. Try to write the headlines with different adjectives, sentence structures or even with different lengths. You can then mix and match the ones that seem more attractive and tweak them to land on the one that is just perfect for your post.


Headlines are sometimes even more important than the content itself. They help the readers in deciding whether to click on the article or not. Therefore, it is essential for the content creators to write the headlines that increase the click-ability of their article or blog post. You should write headlines that are shorter and use power words to pique the readers’ interest. It is also essential for you to ask questions and build curiosity in your readers. In the end, don’t forget to optimize your headlines for better search results.

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