Top 10 Most Popular Places to Click a Photograph in Dubai

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Dubai is the prime vacation destination if you are looking forward to clicking extraordinary vacation pictures. In here you will find the most massive skyscrapers and ferris wheel looking over the most exotic Dubai cityscape like no place else. Discover the wide range of attractions such as Dubai miracle garden and Burj Khalifa and get ready for instagram worthy pictures. 

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  1. Miracle Garden Dubai – The Dubai Miracle Garden offers a finest experience, which gives you a splendid chance to click thousands of pictures surrounded by blooming flowers spread around 72000 square feet. The entire park is adorned with over 150 million flowers, of various exotic species. The park has Dubai emirates A380 designed exclusively from tons of blooming white flowers. Click extra-ordinary instagram worthy pictures while posing around these floral miracles. Post your venture, don’t forget to head onto butterfly garden and grab a glimpse of exotic butterfly species with their colourful bodies capturing your eyes and hearts.
  2. Dubai Safari Park – Look up for Dubai Safari Park tickets and grab a fabulous chance to click around some of the most exotic and rare animals, from around the globe. The park has around 3000 animals, with 78 species of mammals – including 10 different carnivores and 17 primates – 50 types of reptiles, 111 kinds of birds plus amphibians and invertebrates, all living on the 119-hectare site. Head on over to the African village, and meet the royal lions and tigers. Explore the Arabian desert safari and find out the vivid species such as Arabian doryx, sand gazelle, mountain gazelle and more.  Keep your camera handy, and don’t miss out on a chance to click these fabulous creatures.
  3. Burj Khalifa  – The massive skyscraper, for which Dubai is renowned, the extraordinary Burj Khalifa, is a definite spot to click thousands of vacation pictures. Standing at a height of 828 metres and featuring over a 100 floors, this skyscraper is the most luxurious location to relax and observe the quaint ambiance of Arabian climes. The Burj Club is another spectacular lounge area featuring bars, restaurants, gymnasiums and other posh activities that you can try out. This massive attraction promises you a fantastic range of photographs  against the scenic backdrop of Dubai’s city scape. 
  4. Ain Dubai – The infamous Ain Dubai, which is the world’s largest ferris wheel is another spectacular spot for your vacation pictures. Against the fantastic  backdrop of the Jumeirah beach and Dubai’s facianting cityscape, you can click thousands of pictures like no place else. The ferris wheel comes with capsules that promises you a  360 degree view of the entire scenic cityscape. The cabins are fully air conditioned and allow you to celebrate a birthday or anniversary with pre-booking facilities. Grab a delicious drink and enjoy the awe-inspiring view of the Dubai cityscape from the top of the world.
  5. Dubai Frame – The incredible Dubai frame is another exquisite location where you can click amazing pictures. It stands at a height of 150 metres and overlooks the entire skyline like no other place. The Dubai frame promises you the views of Old and New Dubai and  how the city has transformed to a one of a kind metropolitan.The Dubai frame consists of a 50 metres long open cellar deck that looks over some of the most serene attractions such as Zabeel park, Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa. The 95 metres long clear glass pane is where you can click amusing pictures in your vacation escapade.
  6. MOTIF – The museum of the future is one of the most fascinating museums featuring three different levels with exclusive displays of different captivating missions, discoveries and inventions. The museum of the future, has a zone of amazon rainforests, which best recreates the massive jungles and their amazing species of lives. Find massive technological inventions and discoveries and the futuristic creatives inside the second floor. The third floor specialises in a DNA library , and splendid museums such as future heroes, that narrates the importance of the present generation protecting the future. 
  7. Global Village Dubai – The global village Dubai, is another striking attraction that celebrates the cultural integrity and the splendid rituals of all different traditions across the world. This amusing park combies the rich traditional cultures of over 75 countries which makes it a spectacular spot to click a myriad of pictures. Discover mini replicas of some of the world’s most celebrated heritage locations such as Taj Mahal and the colosseum. Click pictures with these amusing and iconic attractions in your background. 
  8. Dubai Garden Glow – This massive attraction can be best enjoyed at night and also make it a wonderful location to click amazing vacation pictures at. The park has a beautiful idea of making the exhibits from recyclable and non biodegradable objects, and promoting the idea of conservation. Visit at night and catch a glimpse of the mini replicas of world’s biggest landmarks and heritage attractions, but made with biodegradable items and LED energy saving lighting. The park has over 500000 CD’s which make up for most of its exhibits. 
  9. Jumeirah Beach – The fantastic Jumeirah Beach is another spectacular spot to click extraordinary vacation pictures. The posh range of Jumeirah hotels make this beach one of the most exotic and luxuriant spots around Dubai. The beach has a wide range of sea shore shops, activities, restaurants and lounge bars. Click the most fascinating vacation pictures with the Jumeirah beach in your background. You can also view the exotic Burj Al Arab from the beach. If you are on time then you might also get a chance to explore the food festival conducted at the zone. 
  10. Museum of Illusions – The museum of illusions is another extravagant attraction that promises to make your Dubai venture even more incredible. Inside this museum, one will find a splendid range of exhibits that will definitely blow your mind. The extraordinary optical illusions have been created in crazy ways to make you question the science behind it. There are over 60 exhibits, which promise to trick your mind and senses. The plenty of mind-bending exhibits, optical illusions, holograms, stereograms as well as a playroom with puzzles that will marvel at such artistic qualities. 

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