Top Websites That Offer Online SAT Tutoring

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The SAT is almost here, and so many students all over the world are gearing up for it. After all, SAT the key to dream colleges and universities in US!

Did you know that nearly 3 million students take the SAT every year? This year, if you’re also one of them, you must know the tips and tricks to ace the test.

However, if you plan to take the SAT sometime later, you will require a good tutor or coach to guide you throughout the process. Here is a list of the top websites that offer online SAT coaching so you can learn from the comfort of your home!

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  1. PrepScholar

PrepScholar is a very popular online SAT coaching website. With prices starting at $38, it’s affordable and easily accessible. At this platform, first you will be asked to take a diagnostic test that will understand your strength areas and areas where you require improvement.

Based on this, PrepScholar will curate worksheets and SAT practice papers. Every part of its teaching process is designed to fit your needs so that you score as high as possible.

PrepScholar even guarantees that if you cannot score more than 160 on SAT, the entire tutoring will be free!

  1. SoFlo

SoFlo is another popular website that offers online SAT tutoring to aspirants. The best thing about SoFlo is that the tutors and mentors are all highly experienced and have crushed the SAT during their time. So you know you’ll be in safe hands and learn from highly-trained Ivy League experts!

There is also a free course offered to SAT aspirants that will give you tips and tricks on how to score higher than average students.

After just 10 sessions, you’ll notice a score boost of nearly 110 points. Most students apply for the after-school classes, but if you wish, you can also go for the weekend classes!

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  1. eTutorworld

If you want to score more than 1400 on an SAT test, then eTutorWorld is your best guide. Here, you can practice full-length tests with above 1000 questions.

eTutorworld is also a pretty affordable website, with plans starting from only $28 a month. You can even book a free counseling session first and experience the fabulous one-on-one mentoring!

You can sit for sectional tests to familiarize yourself with each section’s questions and figure out your strong areas. Your mentor will also help you identify areas where you need more improvement, which will boost your SAT score by a great margin!

  1. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors also offers a personalized learning experience for SAT aspirants by providing one-on-one coaching. This website has proven to be very promising, with dozens of qualified tutors.

All you have to do is view the tutor’s profile and connect with them for a counseling session. One big advantage that Varsity Tutors coaches offer is that they help you with your preparation and time management.

They will give you effective tips that significantly reduce the time taken to answer each question and improve your accuracy. You also get a ton of personalized study materials and test papers here.

  1. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review might be slightly expensive, with a $39.99 an hour pricing plan, but it’s one of the best websites to aid you in your SAT prep. An expert tutor will be ready for you all days of the week to help you understand how to score well.

Furthermore, you even get a dedicated tutoring team along with the main tutor to help you in other areas. There are full-length and single-section practice tests with over 2000 practice questions and 240 online drills!

If you’re unable to figure out how to solve a test paper, there are more than 135 videos created by SAT experts.

Over to you…

This list here contains information about some of the best online tutoring services for SAT and the best SAT tutors. You can always book a free session with any of them if you wish. However, since you’ll be the one to appear for the exam, you have to do your part and work hard. With enough dedication and patience, you’ll soon see your scores soaring high!