Try These 9 Cushion Storage Boxes For Your Home Makeover

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Summer is all about planning a refreshing makeover to clear and style up your space at home, the outdoors included, of course. But before shopping for new furniture pieces, sleek fixtures, appliances, and other home decors, homemakers need to consider the type of items they want and need at home. A piece of furniture can look great on the outside, but does it serve more than one purpose? Can it be functional enough that it can be a table and also a chair, too, for instance? You need to consider these things if you want to keep your home spacious yet stylish at the same time. 

For one, there are outdoor cushion storage benches that you can get, instead of having two separate items at your patio. You can store a wide variety of items in such a deck storage box and relax stylishly outside your house. Ready to try decorating your space with such home pieces? Check out these top outdoor cushion storage pieces from

  • Wicker Large Waterproof Outdoor Storage Box from Iwicker

If you want an outdoor cushion storage wherein you can sit comfortably while keeping your things clean and organized, you may consider this Outdoor Storage Box from Iwicker. It is crafted with sturdy plastic rattans which also makes it resistant to any weather constraints. The side handles will also make it easy for you to move it anywhere in your house.

  • Veranda Waterproof Outdoor Cushion Storage Bag from Classic Accessories

This outdoor cushion storage is easy to put away as this is very lightweight and easy to carry around. After pulling out the things you need to use in the storage bag, you can easily fold and keep them. Besides that, it was made with heavy-duty fabric which is also water-resistant. Perfect storage to place in your veranda or patio.

  • Patio Waterproof Outdoor Cushion Storage from PSD Lifestyles

You can never go wrong with this stylish and functional storage box. It is made of shiny and premium fabric specifically made for the outdoors – perfect to put on your patio. Moreover, it has a large storage space wherein you can keep your things like an outdoor cushion, blankets, slippers, and many others. Keeping your things outdoors clean and in order.

  • Outdoor Patio Storage Bench With Cushion Pad from Barton

This is the perfect bench with storage. It comes with a soft cushion wherein it can accommodate up to two persons and big storage space to put on your household items. The cushion storage bench comes with a rattan design made with premium PE – perfect to put in your patio as a bench at the same storage to keep out the mess.

  • Plastic Storage Bench from Keter Hudson

If you want a piece of furniture that would make your outdoor space look like it is in a fresh and clean park or a romantic garden, you may consider this storage bench from Keter Hudson. It is made of faux wood with sleek and sturdy black frames that will surely last for many years. Its gorgeous facade will make a good decoration to your outdoors at the same time good storage as it can handle loads of your outdoor stuff. The perfect furniture for a quiet and sophisticated place like your patio and garden.

  • 31-Gallon Medium Deck Storage Box Seating from Suncast

Don’t underestimate this functional little armchair as it has so much use. It can be used as a seat at the same time it can be used for the storage of your outdoor items. Its sleek and versatile design will save you a lot of space and help you clean your mess outdoors. This storage will last a lifetime as it is made with plastic resin, which is also waterproof and weather resistant. Moreover, it has a stylish design and can be placed in your patio, hallway, and veranda. 

  • 47 Gallon Acacia Wood Chest For Outdoor Storage from Tangkula

This wood chest from Tangkula is the best option if you are looking for big storage and a bench at the same time. The storage chest was made of sturdy acacia wood that will look great outdoors, like on your patio – can even be placed in your living room or bedroom. Its gorgeous and classy look will make a good decoration for your home and has a seating capacity of three. Its big storage can keep your pillows, blankets, bags, shoes, and many others out of the mess. 

  • Denali 30 Gallon Resin Plastic Storage Box for Patio Furniture from Keter 

This adorable and eye-catching storage box will fit perfectly in your patio, veranda, and hallways. It is made of faux grey wood and a strong plastic black frame which exudes a simple yet very attractive style that you can use as a decoration and storage. Don’t mistakenly think that it’s an ice chest, because it is a more sustainable and sturdier option for a storage box. The compact storage box can be placed anywhere in your house and will last you a lifetime with proper use and storage.

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  • Outdoor Storage Bench Waterproof from Barton

Here, we have outdoor cushion storage with incredibly big storage space and a comfortable seat that can accommodate up to three persons – a great bench that you can put in your garden, patio, and bedroom. It has an armrest which makes it cozier to rest. What makes it a really good storage box is that you will not even notice that it has a huge storage space inside as it looks like a typical bench. Enjoy your stay outdoors with this versatile and comfortable bench.

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Final Thoughts

Having a clean and organized outdoor space will not only help improve the look of your house but also will give you peace of mind. Having multi-functional furniture in your home will greatly help us keep our home stylish and well kept. It would be refreshing to have those versatile pieces of furniture that will make our home very comfortable to live in. Choosing the best piece like outdoor cushion storage is very important as you need to carefully choose the best furniture that will beautify your home at the same time help you keep everything in place.

Outdoor cushion storage pieces make for a great decoration piece. They’re both stylish and functional, which will help families save space at home all while keeping their patio/garden looking neat and sleek this summer. For more selections of outdoor cushion storage boxes and containers, visit