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UAN, the abbreviation of Universal Account Number, is a 12-digit number. The number that is highly crucial for a member on the EPFO Portal can also give login opportunities. It finds more use, especially in the case of a job change or also a change of the member id. With it, one can get the assistance of associating the PF accounts and members to the UAN of the employee. In this article, you will get information about UAN login, UAN passbook login, pf UAN login as well as UAN passbook login.

Generating UAN

  • Login to EPF employer portal. The portal is You can do that using the Establishment ID and password. From there, just Login to the EPF employer portal.
  • Make Selection of “Register Individual.”
  • Now you will have to find out the “Member” section. Right after entering the details of the employee. Some of the important details are PAN, Aadhaar, Bank Details.
  • Take a moment to approve all details. With that, you will get a new UAN by EPFO. That said, the employer can link the PF account to the already available UAN of the employee.

Generating self UAN on UAN Portal

  • Get access to the unified member portal ‘’
  • From there, traverse to the unified member portal.
  • There, you will have to click on the “Direct UAN Allotment by Employees.” For this step to be a success, you will have to have a valid Aadhaar number associated with the registered mobile. Provide employment details.
  • Click on the option “Direct UAN Allotment by Employees.”

Getting access to the UAN Activation on UAN Portal from the help of financenize

  • Visit For the service, it’s a must to get access to the official website of EPFO. Members can also visit 
  • Click on the menu “Activate UAN.” You can get assistance with the important links available. From there, you will have to get access to the option to “Activate UAN.” Click “ Activate UAN.” Go ahead with filling in the important details. That said, it will mark the end of the KYC process.
  • Right after that, Click on Activate UAN
  • Completion of your KYC is a vital step. That said, after clicking on Activate UAN, you will have to enter details like UAN, Member ID, Name, Date of Birth, e-mail id, Aadhaar number, PAN, mobile number.
  • Getting an authorization PIN is the very next step.  Click on the blue button that you will be automatically redirected to the right after access to ‘Get Authorization Pin.’ You will get the Authorization PIN that must stay registered with your UAN.
  • Right after that step, you will have to validate OTP and Activate UAN. There you can see the disclaimer box where you will have to just activate your UAN. With that, the user will get access to the password details. With that, you can get access to using UAN, password, and captcha details. These entities will help to log in to the EPFO portal.

Login to your EPF account 

  • For getting access to this system, you will have to start by Clicking on the “KYC” option in the “Manage” section.
  • From there, you will have to select the details and then build the link with UAN. Right after that, Fill in the requisite fields. 
  • Once you complete doing that, you will have to click on the “Save” option.
  • You can see the request in the section with the “KYC Pending for Approval.” Nut, once you complete that, you can see the message as “Digitally approved by the employer.”
  • UIDAI will go ahead with the confirmation of your details. As that gets completed, you can see “Verified by UIDAI.”

A brief highlight on the EPFO login portal VS UAN login portal

Epfo Login with UAN member login turns out to be useful for checking balance as well as claim status. You can do that with the help of the epfo members portal, members said,  with this service, you can also get access to the UAN Login. Besides, you will get the support of Checking Epf Balance many times. You can also get the check for the epf statement, which also bears the term as UAN Statement or uan passbook.

Now, when you get access to the UAN Members login portal, you can get access to filing a transfer online withdraw. That said, With UAN Portal Members, one can also get the opportunity of holding all the PF accounts.


Forgoing with the login activation, you can go to the link that said, you will have to click on the Button Activate it. You can get this option with the UAN login form. That said, with the menu, you can get access to the UAN Based Registration Form. Now, just navigate to entering Your Universal Account Number (UAN). Besides that, you will also have to enter the Mobile Number, State, and PF Office, as well as the PF Number.

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The support with the service:

Right after you complete the process of UAN Activation, you can log in directly with the supportive portal EPF’s members UAN Portal. That said, you can rest assured that there is No need to log in again with the UAN employee login. That said, with the process, you have to check the status of UAN. Do so with the help of the PF  number. With the support of this portal,  you can keep track of UAN Request & Activation status. With this portal, you can get access to downloading passbook or epf statement, checking balance, claim status,  transferring or withdrawing money, to name a few. 

UAN Activation with the portal

Always go with the entering of the Captcha when you get access to UAN login portal. Right after that, you will have to Click ‘Get PIN.’ You can rest assured that it will be sent OTP to the mobile number. Right after that, you will have to click and agree with the term ‘I Agree’ by clicking the check box. But, after that, you will have to click the ‘Submit’ button.

The facility for UAN activation via SMS or SMS Based UAN Activation is available for people not having a smartphone. Activation of UAN via SMS is possible by sending SMS to the 7738299899 number. That said, you can get access to sending SMS in the format of ‘EPFOHO UAN XXX.’ 


Final words

UAN is proving to be quite beneficial for the set of procedures related to the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) services. That said, you can get employers as well as PF loan applications with that portal.