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In the 21st century, we all have an insistent need to have something to watch of personal interest always, no matter what we are doing. Game days and movie nights or just plain old news and reality TV shows. Pro sports is another demanded watch time. This includes all types of sports especially American football and basketball. For this need, America relies on cable TV and sees the utmost benefit in having it, especially because of the living costs being high and even cable TV is not low on price but proves to be the best value when you have a family with varying needs and interests. In this case, a cable would suit you better. 

There are many options to choose from, from the list of Internet/cable providers in the US. Spectrum TV is one such cable TV provider with ample options to choose from but Pro sports like the NFL Network require premium packages like Silver or Gold. While there are also add-ons, such as a Spectrum Sports Pack and with the perfect value for money. Even single-person households or people sharing rent-outs can avail of cable TV with ease. 

However, many bachelors do not watch many TVs and want only interest-based content. Thus, have a high demand for pro sports and would benefit from a streaming option. Some women watch pro sports and would want it, again bachelorettes could obtain more benefit from streaming services as costs of living is already high for them. Thus in such cases, streaming is a go. However, they are not cheap like on cable TV but you might find one made for you.

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Best Streaming Methods for Watching Live Sports

A list of the finest live sports broadcasting providers



  • Overall, the best for sports
  • There are numerous soccer channels available.
  • There are numerous add-on choices available.


  • Extremely expensive plans
  • local channels are few

If you are able to subscribe, fuboTV can provide you with additional sports channels as compared to other streaming providers, particularly many you have probably never even heard of until you are a football fanatic. FuboTV started as a football-focused cable channel, it still is, but also has a good selection of entertainment channels and customized add-on possibilities.

ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, ESPNews, and ESPN Deportes, as well as SEC Network and AAC Network, have all lately joined fuboTV, solidifying its position as the ultimate streaming sports leader. Victory!

Goooaaalll FuboTV is a must-have for football enthusiasts, and the Premium plan ($79.99 monthly) with the International Sports Plus add-on ($6.99 monthly) is the way to go.  Since you can receive seven additional channels with the International Sports Plus add-on, including FOX Soccer Plus. That was a great deal for FOX Soccer Plus, but it now costs $86.98 a month. 

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Sling TV


  • Add-ons for sports are the best.
  • Over 30 sports channels to choose from with customizable lineups 


  • DVR with a limited number of channels 
  • Local channels with a limited number of stations

Sling TV has three plans to choose from, but the most expensive one ($50 monthly) plus an add-on sports plan ($15 monthly) will provide with most sports channels. Sling TV requires a little more thought and basic mathematics that is not cool—but it can stream practically any sport you can think of.

Sling Orange, which has 30 channels, and Sling Blue, which has 45 channels, are not awful on their own, but each combined plan gives you ESPN, FS1, and NBC Sports. Sling’s Sports Extra subscription adds another 24 sports channel, bringing the total to almost 30 for $65 monthly.

Of course, you might not be interested in all of the sports included in the Orange + Blue + Sports Extra package, in which case you should downgrade. Sling TV is not worth anything if it cannot be customized.

Sling TV comes with only 50 hours of cloud DVR storage, which can be updated to a marginally better 200 hours for an extra $5 / month. With that amount of time, you will have a hard time capturing more than a few sporting events.

YouTube TV


  • Sports and entertainment are the best.
  • With over 20 sports channels and an unlimited DVR, there is something for everyone.


  • There are no NFL or NHL channels.
  • There are only a few international sports.

YouTube TV,’s top overall live streaming service, is chock-full of pro and collegiate sports channels, and you can add on FOX Soccer Plus and NBA League Pass to beef up your football and basketball coverage. The provided cloud DVR space is particularly useful for keeping up with games, as it has no restrictions but does delete recordings after nine months. It even includes a “no spoiler” mode that hides the score.

Sadly, neither of these games will be broadcast on NFL RedZone or NHL Network because YouTube TV does not carry those channels—a blunder worthy of punishment (sorry to mix sports metaphors). Nonetheless, YouTube TV offers a wide range of sports and entertainment channels.

Hulu Live


  • College athletics are the best.
  • Exceptional coverage of college sports
  • The most important sports channels


  • There are no professional sports channels available.
  • There are no sports add-ons.

Hulu + Live TV’s channel selection contains ESPN, FOX, and NBC networks for sports, as well as Big Ten, CBS Sports, and a few more for college sports. Despite being a good live cast service in general, Hulu + Live TV is probably not for pro sports lovers.

MLB Network, NBA TV, NFL Network, NFL RedZone, and NHL Network are nowhere to be found on Hulu + Live TV, and there are no accessible sports add-on packages either. Hulu gets it right when it comes to entertainment, but it’s uneven when it comes to sports.

Our Conclusive Opinion

We think that Sling and fuboTV are the better options for streaming sports. However, is not without cost. YouTube however has a balance in a pricey option but more value for money and Hulu + and Live TV are good too but are on the expensive side.