What happens when you donate your body to Science?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

It’s natural to want to leave this world a better place after you go: but the good you do doesn’t have to end just because your life has completed its cycle.  Instead, many are turning to donate to science so that their body’s usefulness can be used as much as possible.


Is this the best choice for you as well?


Here’s what happens when you donate your body to science and why you should consider it.

Signing Up While You’re Alive

It’s vital that if you want your remains to be donated to science: you let this be known as early as possible.  Not only will it ensure that your body is taken care of how you want it to be: it will give your loved ones a chance to get comfortable with this plan.


Regardless of what you want, it’s important to get your family used to that idea so they won’t try to protest or change the plans after you’re gone.  Although it might feel strange to think they’ll have any say: there are many cases where the surviving family of the deceased decide to go against their wishes.


Be vocal and clear about what you want, and let people know this is the option you want.

Your Family or Loved Ones Save Money

Modern burial is expensive and requires a lot of pageantry and issues that can make it impossible for some people to afford.  Whole body donation costs your family nothing at all and ensures that your remains are taken care of how you want them to be.


Instead of giving your loved ones a bill to put on a huge show and funeral and burial: give them the chance to remember you as someone who selflessly gave their body to a great cause.

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Medical Screening Is Completed to Ensure Your Body’s Use

Most programs do medical screening to ensure your body is viable for donation.  Any body with a disease that can be spread through contact with blood or remains will generally not be accepted, and some other programs have rules like BMI or age.  Other programs simply require the person to have not died in a traumatic way that could cause issues for the services after the fact.

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You Get to Help the Furthering of Medical or Forensic Science

Depending on where you’ve donated your remains, you’ll get to help further medical or forensic science.  This might mean that your body is used to help train future doctors on how to properly perform surgery, to help diagnose diseases and treat them better: or even to help solve murders and catch killers sooner.


These are all fantastic pursuits to help with and will give you the opportunity to do something incredible when you’re no longer able to use your body. 

Donating to Science is a Noble Choice

Donating your remains allows you to give back to the world and help the furthering of science even after you’ve passed.  This is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to do the best possible, even after they’re not here anymore.