How Recruiting Management Automation Has Become A Recruiter’s Best Friend

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Finding new employees is a mix of thrilling and stressful.  The people you hire could be the best thing that ever happens to the company you work for: or they could seriously ruin it.  Using the best tools at your disposal will ensure that you end up on the good side of hiring.


These are the top reasons recruiting management automation is such a big deal this year and why all recruiters should consider it.  

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What is Recruiting Management Automation?

Recruiting management automation is a type of software, or technology, that helps companies and recruiters automate tasks that will bring in the most applications and best new hires.  This saves time, helps you sort applicants, and makes contacting each of them far easier than older systems were.  


This ensures that companies get the best workers possible, going through every application that’s received, instead of the old way of hoping you happened to pay attention to the best applications.  

Reduce Cost-Per-Hire

Cost per hire can be stressful for companies that are trying to help their bottom line.  Hiring and training a new employee is incredibly stressful, forcing you to invest time and money to give them the best chance at succeeding at whatever jobs you have available.


Saving money from this, usually expensive, part of a company means there’s more room to expand your company and build it out into something even better.  This will eventually allow you to hire more workers and continue to grow.  

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Guides Resources to More Important Tasks

If you’ve worked in applicant management for over five years, you quickly realize how many applicants you’ll receive who aren’t qualified, aren’t interested, or are just a bad fit.  Although they submitted an application, you can’t help but wonder if they even wanted to work at the company.


Instead of having to shuffle through these, you can get right to the meat and potatoes of people who have exactly the skills you want.  This is worth every cent you put into the software.

Ensures You Can Email Everyone at the End.

The worst thing for job seekers is the fact that after they apply for a job, so many companies will ghost them without ever giving them an answer.  By using a recruiting management automation system, you have a quick way to contact every applicant who doesn’t fit the mold.


You can type out a script that will apologetically let applicants know that they weren’t the best fit possible but that you’ll keep their resume for up to a year in case the opening comes back.  You should include an option they can select that will stop you from contacting them if it does open back.


This will allow them to relax and keep job hunting: while also ensuring your business isn’t spammed by job-seeking calls trying to check if openings are still there.

Finding the Best Employees Shouldn’t Be Impossible.

Your business deserves the best employees in its field.  It’s important that your job listing does everything it can to woo these your way: consider recruiting management automation to make that possible!