What Is A Rainbow Baby? What Does It Mean?

Do you know what is a rainbow baby? Many people among us are not familiar with the term rainbow baby. Being pregnant is the most joyous experience for every woman. It symbolizes parenthood while celebrating a new life! But expecting a baby rainbow sounds a little confusing. So, in today’s article, I will explain what is a rainbow baby meaning. I have even included a small guide on how to take care of yourself while expecting a rainbow baby. Also, we have explained what’s a golden baby after rainbow baby along with a few rainbow kids‘ names. Let’s now understand what is a rainbow baby more in-depth.

What Is A Rainbow Baby?

A rainbow baby is a baby that is born after one miscarriage, stillbirth, medical loss, or infant loss from natural causes. This term is widely used by the members of the baby loss community for several years. For some parents, the symbol of rainbow indicates hope and light after a dark time.

However, the National Rainbow Baby Day 2020 falls on August 22. You can keep on reading to know what is considered a rainbow baby more in detail.

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Rainbow Baby Meaning 

A rainbow baby meaning in Bible is  a ray of hope that God has given humanity after a great flood. It offers hope to those who are grieving and hope for brighter days to celebrate parenthood.

What Is A Double Rainbow Baby?

A double rainbow baby is a baby that is born after two miscarriages, stillbirths, neonatal loss, or infant loss.

What Is A Triple Rainbow Baby?

A triple rainbow baby is a baby that is born after three painful miscarriages. The loss of an infant can be due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or other related health issues.

Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Care

After losing a baby, women do get pregnant again. So, it is extremely important to take care of yourself and your new baby properly. Below, I have listed down a few points that will help you to understand what is a rainbow baby pregnancy.

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  • Consume Right Vitamins:

It is really important to make sure you consume the right amount of vitamins and minerals. This will help your baby to develop in the right way.

  • Go For Regular Checkups:

Going for regular checkups will help you to determine whether your pregnancy is going on the right track or not.

  • Proper Diet Plan:

Having a proper diet plan can help you to have a healthy weight during pregnancy. You can talk to your doctor if you need help.

  • Try Meditation:

During this period, women often feel anxious, depressed about losing the baby once again. In such cases, you can talk to a therapist or counselor about your fears. You can do meditation to focus on this new pregnancy.

Keep on reading to know what is a rainbow baby shower.

Rainbow Baby Shower

A baby shower is a fun way to fun way to celebrate the upcoming birth after miscarriage. So, have you heard of a rainbow baby shower? A rainbow baby shower is a rainbow color-themed baby shower a way to memorialize the little ones you’ve lost. It allows the parents to recognize the joy and excitement of the new baby.

Rainbow Baby Names

Here, I have listed down some ideas for the rainbow girl as well as boy babies.

  • Girl: Aimee, Aurora, Eliana, Faith, Gianna
  • Boy: Amal, Asa, Ethan, Luca, Phoenix

Sunshine Baby Meaning

Are wondering what is a sunshine baby? A sunshine baby is a baby that is born before or after another baby is lost due to any reason.


What Does It Mean If You’re A Rainbow Baby?

A rainbow baby means a baby that’s born after infant loss due to natural causes.

Is Every Baby After A Miscarriage A Rainbow Baby?

Yes, every baby born after a miscarriage is a rainbow baby.

What Is A Unicorn Baby?

Unicorn babies are those babies who wake up every 2 hours to feed for weeks and weeks.

What Is A Golden Baby?

A golden baby is a baby that passes away shortly after being born or sleeping.

What Is An Angel Baby And A Rainbow Baby?

An angel baby and a rainbow baby refer to babies born just before or after another baby is lost due to natural reasons.

What Is A Rainbow Baby Announcement?

A rainbow baby announcement is an extra-special pregnancy announcement that states a new baby is on the way after a loss.

What Is A Rainbow Baby Twin?

A rainbow baby twin is a twin baby born after the loss of a previous pregnancy or newborn.

What Does A Rainbow Baby Symbolize?

A rainbow baby is a baby born after miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, termination for medical reasons, stillbirth or neonatal death. The rainbow symbol has been used by members of the baby loss community for many years.


In my above article, I have discussed everything about what’s a rainbow baby in detail. A baby born to parents who have lost their previous baby is termed a rainbow baby. Losing a baby is the most devastating experience for every parent. But for such parents, rainbow babies symbolize hope and healing. It helps the parents to overcome sadness over the previous painful pregnancy. You can even host a rainbow color themed baby shower as a way to memorialize the little ones you’ve lost. By understanding what is a rainbow baby, you can help other parents to heal together.


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