What is cloud SMTP?

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Written By Charlotte Miller

SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is used to forward emails, with a set of commands authenticating and directing the transmission of emails. A proxy server, or several proxy servers, connect the sender’s server to the recipient’s server through SMTP. Yet, traditional email client servers make the sender divide the list of recipients to avoid the restrictions of 500 accounts per message.

A professional cloud SMTP server, such as Emaillabs, can support unlimited sending at once, offers the highest email deliverability, gives you access to detailed analytics of every email sent, tag and compare message deliverability, operability and clickability. That’s what you may get from a modern Cloud SMTP provider.

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What can you expect from using a cloud SMTP?

Using SMTP is easy to implement, with the configuration that takes only a few minutes. Using the protocol means default integration from email programs, marketing automation systems, online stores, or popular WordPress. The integration can be done without specialist programming knowledge.

Compared to API you will surely get less features, but if you don’t send millions of transactional or marketing messages, and care for easy integration and maintenance, a cloud SMTP server is perfect for you.

How to send emails via cloud SMTP?

If you have decided to stop using your traditional SMTP for the advantage of a cloud SMTP, you have to find out how to replace the server, into the server of for example Emaillabs. The process and the steps you need to take depends on the CMS systems you are using.

One of the most popular ones is WordPress, thanks to its functions of creating an online store, website or blog. Baselinker is a platform for online stores. Or maybe you’re using Joomla? Those and many more platforms may be successfully integrated with Emaillabs, and there are usually two possible ways to achieve it, depending on the SMTP server you have used so far.

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In case of BaseLinker it’s quite easy, as it’s enough to replace the data of the SMTP server responsible for the outgoing traffic.

WordPress replacement may be more complicated, as one way is to use the code, another one, much simpler and automated, is by use of the most popular plugins. Install and enable the plugin, go to settings and fill out the form you see on the screen.

If you select Emaillabs for your cloud SMTP server, you don’t have to worry about integration and replacement, since you’ll receive detailed documentation for most commonly used servers, available on the website.

Why switch to EmailLabs cloud SMTP server?

Why should you switch to EmailLabs cloud server? There are a number of reasons to do that.

  • Increase deliverability of your emails, which will go directly to the Main Folder not to spam.
  • Thanks to a dedicated IP address, you’ll build your reputation, making your receivers trust you.
  • Using real-time tracking statistics, you will be able to discover how many emails are being clicked on in real time.
  • Separate the traffic messages into transnational (purchase details, newsletter sign ups, login based emails), and marketing.
  • Block shipping emails to non-existing addresses.