What Is Lawn Fertilizing And Lawn Renovation?

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Written By Juliet D'cruz

It is essential to upkeep your residential or commercial property lawn. It can be a tough job for a one-man team, and it can be quite challenging if you’re unfamiliar with lawn care. Lawn fertilizing and lawn renovation are essential steps that can ensure the upkeep of your lawns. 

Someone new to the game may not know how important these steps are, yet they are time-consuming and laborious. But don’t worry! We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about lawn fertilizing and lawn renovation and why you should employ Earth Development company for these services.  

Let’s look at each service individually before discussing how they are carried out and their importance for your lawn.

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What Is Lawn Fertilizing? 

Lawn fertilization uses products or mixes to enhance one or more of the plant nutrients. Fertilizers are necessary for the health and vitality of your lawn. Beautiful lawns are not a natural occurrence but rather the result of diligent feeding and management, with fertilizers playing an important role. 

Plants, like people and animals, require nutrients to develop and flourish. When these nutrients are deficient, fertilization is required to promote proper growth and performance. 

Fertilizing your lawn can ensure it is healthy, lush, and green. For best development and performance, each variety of grass requires a different amount of nutrients. Lawn fertilizing near me will upkeep and can guarantee that your lawn is healthy and attractive. 

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Why You Need To Fertilize Your Lawn

There are several reasons why you should fertilize your grass. Many lawns will leach nutrients from their soil over time. The majority of lawn fertilizers are water-soluble. 

Water will take these nutrients off your grass over time, whether through rain or irrigation. This will deplete the nutrients in your grass, making it unhealthy and vulnerable to illness. In other cases, the soil in which the grass is growing lacks the naturally occurring nutrients required by turf to flourish. 

Which Fertilizer Should You Use?

Thinking about this subject, most homeowners will break out in a cold sweat. They walk to the store and notice a plethora of fertilizer packages, all of which have intricate jargon and number ratios. Although it may appear frightening, most fertilizers contain three nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Each of these nutrients has a unique role in keeping lawns healthy.

What Is A Lawn Renovation?

Lawn rehabilitation is removing old dead grass, moss, and thatch from a lawn and replacing it with new seeds to revitalize and revitalize the lawn.  These young grasses will frequently be more drought and disease-resistant, as well as more visually pleasing, than older grasses.

A top dressing is frequently given simultaneously to smooth out minor bumps and hollows while also acting as a covering for the new seed, boosting germination. Lawn renovation services near me reduce the time and expense of entirely rebuilding the grass. 

In most circumstances, lawn repair is preferred to entire grass reestablishment since it is less labor-demanding, less erosion or muck, some foot traffic may be permitted throughout the process, and overall effects are more visible.

Lawn Renovation Types

Grass rehabilitation services might be useful for any of these lawn kinds. Depending on the degree of your lawn’s condition, we propose one of two treatments.

Overseeding and Aeration

Overseeding and aeration are two of the most useful lawn treatments you can do. A professional core aerator is used during aeration to separate tiny cores from the soil and leave them there to break down and filter back into the ground. This procedure permits more water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the root zone of the lawn, where they are most required. 

Overseeding simultaneously causes the seeds to fall into the holes generated by the aerator, resulting in improved seed-to-soil contact. This will aid in the development of thick and healthy grass. This treatment is suggested for “good” lawns.

Having your aerated grass top-dressed might help it perform even better. This is applying a thin layer of compost and dirt to your lawn immediately following aeration to enhance soil conditions and create a more resilient grass. This might mean the difference between a mediocre lawn and one that stands out.

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Power Seeding

When aeration and overseeding are insufficient, your lawn may require power seeding. Power seeding, also known as “slice seeding” or “slit seeding,” is a labor-intensive method used on golf courses. It employs machines to carve rows into the earth to plant seeds. 

Power seeding is quite good at filling bare patches. Thus, it would be advised for a patchy lawn help to fill those bare spots. We’d suggest power sowing on the sparse spots, aeration, and overseeing the remainder. 

Because of the aggressive nature of power sowing, you may rip up some healthy turf so you will have to be very careful or seek help from an expert for this process. Because if you end up ripping out healthy turf, you’ll have to start from scratch.


Lawn maintenance through fertilizing, renovation, and lawn weed treatment service near me guarantees that your lawn will withstand attacks from lawn damage. There are good and bad seasons to start a project like this. Plant new grass seed in cold areas in early spring when the lawns emerge from winter or summer. Plant in late spring/early summer in warm-weather areas.

Your soil provides nutrients that turf grass needs, but most soils cannot offer them throughout the growing season. A healthy, vigorously growing grass consumes a lot of energy.  Fertilizer promotes new leaf and root growth, which keeps your grass healthy. 

Every 3-4 years, a complete grass restoration may be necessary. It is not required for all lawns, but it may be advantageous on occasion if you want to attain the greatest outcomes with your grass. Dethatching or top dressing will be necessary more frequently if the lawn has been neglected and can be paired with commercial parking lot cleaning.