What makes Kochi a foodie’s paradise?

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Kochi is a land of many cuisines. Kochi cuisine is inspired by Malabari, Anglo-Indian, Dutch, Arabic, Jewish, French, Konkani, and British influences. From Karimeen Pollicahthu to Puttu, and Appam to various sorts of seafood, the food palette of Kochi is always appetizing. And so, if you want to enjoy these delicacies sitting at home, opt for the services of online food delivery in Kochi. The food choices are limitless, thanks to the new-age global cuisine restaurants that have sprouted up around the city. 

Kochi is famous for its wonderful foods, which range from classic Portuguese to sumptuous English flavours. Almost all Malayalam recipes are made with coconut oil and different spices, giving the flavour a strong pungency that is accentuated with a tinge of tamarind. Coconut adds richness to the recipes while also absorbing the tongue-tingling spicy tastes. As a coastal state, seafood is abundant and prepared in a variety of ways. Try these delightful dishes by using online food delivery services in Kochi. 

Popular dishes of Kochi to try in a lifetime  

While visiting Kochi, you must make sure to try these dishes atleast once:   

Puttu Kadala:  

Nothing beats a steaming platter of puttu and kadala curry for breakfast for a Malayali. Puttu is a traditional Kerala meal made of pounded rice covered with coconut shavings (and sometimes banana) and steamed. In contrast, Kadala curry is made of kala chana, or black chickpeas, simmered in roasted coconut sauce. Restaurants and street vendors in Kochi provide this simple food in the mornings, rescuing people who live away from home. This meal has also gained popularity among tourists! 

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Pazham Pori and Beef curry:  

Pazham Pori is recognizable among people who have visited Kochi or have Malayali connections. Pazham Pori, which is similar to bhajji but prepared with ripe Nendran bananas, is possibly the city’s most popular snack and goes best with a hot cup of evening tea. 

Thattu Dosa:  

Thattu dosa is quite thick, unlike the paper-thin form or the thicker version bathed in ghee with masala stuffing. But its simplicity is what makes it a street favourite—paired with a simple chammanthi (chutney), it will fill both your stomach and your heart. Thattu dosas have taken over as a street food delicacy in the last few years, and you can get them at pushcarts, street stalls, and even restaurants in Kochi at any time of day. 

Kappa Boti:  

The delightful mix of Kappa (mashed tapioca) and Boti (goat’s gizzards), which was originally relatively indigenous to Thrissur, would sweep most non-vegetarians off their feet. The dish is so prevalent in Kochi that you can get it in almost every restaurant. 

Ellum Kappayum:  

It is unusual to come across a delicacy with numerous names, such as Ellum kappayum, Kappa biriyani, and even Asiad! Malayalis adore Kappa. This meal combines the unassuming tuber with another item that people in God’s Own Country can’t live without beef. Ellum Kappayum is technically made from tapioca and beef rib bones, which are known as “ellu” in Malayalam. It’s maybe the only biriyani in the world that isn’t made with rice! This meal is trendy in Kochi, and you should certainly try it! 

Parotta and Beef Fry:  

Contrary to paranthas of North India, the residents of Kochi refer to this flatbread as parotta. When you are in Kochi, you will not be able to resist the allure of parotta and beef fry. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to claim that the coastal state is captivated by this distinctly Malayali cuisine that can easily compete with any other fast food. So, when in Kochi, treat yourself to a sumptuous and delectable meal of parotta and beef fry! 

Erachi Pidi:  

In Malayalam, “erachi” refers to meat, which can range from mutton to beef, whereas “pidi” refers to a savoury variant of rice dumplings from the Malabar area. Erachi Pidi is a dish that combines rice dumplings with a spicy, roasted coconut stew full of meat. Muthiya, a version prepared by Kutchi Muslims, is popular in Kochi. This meal is popular in Kochi and is popular during Eid and Iftar. It may be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!  

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Beef Vindaloo:  

Vindaloo, a Portuguese offering, is a delightful recipe that is more associated with Goan cuisine than the Kerala spread. However, the beef variant is highly popular because of its fragrant and tangy tastes, which are impossible to forget once tried. This dish can be ordered at maximum restaurants.  

Fish Molly:  

Fish Molly, or fish molee, is another traditional Kochi dish that has worldwide popularity. The adaptability of this meal is in its mild taste, which contrasts with other fish curries in Kerala, which are spicy. The fish is cooked to perfection and tastes exquisite with appam, with faint undertones of green chiles and black peppers that are softly overshadowed by the creamy smoothness of coconut milk. This unique dish can be found at every restaurant in Kochi, so give it a try! 

Kurukku Kalan:  

Kurukku Kalan, a vegetarian delicacy from Kochi, comprises thick curd and roasted raw banana or yam. This dish may be eaten with hot rice and is an essential feature of every sadhya. The skill with which the curd is infused with a tempered combination of spices and curry leaves makes this a must-try for vegetarians looking to indulge in local meatless specialities. 

Appam and Stew:  

Appam and stew are famous in Kerala and throughout the country. This simple recipe, like Puttu and Kadala, is a home staple throughout the state, where the stew comes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. The vegetable, chicken, or mutton stew, cooked in coconut milk and sprinkled with crushed black pepper, provides a memorable flavour that you must try with appam. With online food delivery in Kochi, you can try this dish in the comfort of your house. 

Final Thoughts:  

The next time you visit Kochi, or even if it is your first time, be sure to fill your tummy with the fantastic delights of this lovely city. Thanks to Swiggy offering online food delivery services in Kochi, you can now satisfy your taste buds by ordering these appetizing delicacies online.