Where Can You Seek Help For A Junk Removal

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Getting your junk out of the way is usually one of the easiest things in the world. You put it into a bin and put the bin outside for collection. However, if you’ve got more than that then a simple bin is far too small. An old sofa or cabinet certainly is far too large for a bin – and probably a little tough for you to haul out. 

Construction debris will clog up your bin sooner than you think and may require disposal according to codes. And thus you ask yourself the infamous question: Who are you gonna call? The answer couldn’t be any simpler: a professional junk removal service will always be at your service. You could contact Jiffy Junk and consider further options.

Of course, you can always ask a friend to give you a hand with the junk removal. But if you’ve got items that are hard to haul, it’s better to leave them to the professionals. You will definitely require further assistance if your junk doesn’t fit into your car. A junk removal service is only one call away if there’s no one to help.

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Become a Seller

What’s worthless to you might just be the treasure for someone else. There are certainly some items that are as good as new. You don’t have to toss everything with junk removal. Instead, make a few dollars on the side. To sell your stuff, you have several options:

  • Arrange a garage sale. A garage sale is a go-to solution to all your worries when you dispose of junk. But keep in mind that you may not sell larger furniture at a garage sale. You’ll need to bring it there. If no one takes it, you’ll have to haul it all back inside. Alternatively, you could attach a sign ‘for free’ to it at the end of your garage sale. If the item really needs to go.
  • Sell it online. Craigslist or Kijiji are great options to put up your junk for sale. If you’re selling your old furniture online, don’t forget to mention the buyer will have to pick it up. 
  • Offer it to consignment shops. Second-hand shops or even pawn shops are a fantastic option to offer your old junk.

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Collect Karma Points and Donate 

Any reusable junk that still can of use is a treasure for The Goodwill Foundation. But be careful about choosing what’s donatable. Take a good look at your items and ask yourself if you’d still give them to a friend. Don’t donate anything that doesn’t work anymore. 

Check if the item you’re considering donating had a recall. Recalled items are on the list of not being an option for donations. Goodwill won’t take it and they don’t accept large or bulky items in most areas either (including mattresses). 

For the extremely bulky stuff, it’d be worthwhile to rather give Habitat for Humanity a call. Unfortunately, they don’t always offer to come around for junk removal. It depends a lot on which area you are in. 

Most junk removal services will gladly pick up your junk that’s supposed to go to a certain charity. You’ll only have to inform them where it’s supposed to go. Also, if you’re lucky some collections are free depending on the circumstances. Pretty much every junk removal has partnered with a charity anyway. They’d take care of the donations if you hired them. You’ll have fewer worries and calls to make.

Consider Renting a Dumpster

For any type of construction project, you’re much better off with renting a dumpster. A dumpster is also great if you’ve got to toss an entire household’s worth of debris off a property. 

Renting a large dumpster is always cheaper and you’re on the safe side. If it’s not too much construction debris, a dumpster bag would probably be a better idea. They’re fantastic for every decluttering project and will be picked up by a junk removal service of your choice. 

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You can buy one at any hardware store and won’t have to wait for the rental dumpster to arrive. The downside of dumpster bags is that they’ll only hold three cubic yards so take that into consideration before settling with any option.

Head Straight To The Junk Removal Service Company

A junk removal service is the most ideal solution could ask for. In most cases, they can be at your doorstep on the very same day. They are happy to help you with any item that you need to haul out. 

Let’s imagine that you’re throwing out your old kitchen. If you have a friend who could help you remove those cabinets and appliances, you’re good. But you’ll still have to do the heavy lifting yourself which could result in injuries. In the end, you’re likely going to need a junk removal service anyway. 

With a professional junk removal service, there’s no heavy lifting implied for you. You won’t have to worry about recycling either since they’ll handle it as well. Before you hire them, they’ll send around a team to give you an estimate. Keep in mind that fees for junk removal services are often volume-based. The more junk you have, the higher the fee will ultimately be. 

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