Where to Find the Best Sprinter Van Accessories

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Because Sprinter vans are used for various purposes, you may need to customize them with specific items to get it to help make them uniquely yours. You can use the van for a road trip, as a work vehicle, or as a passenger vehicle. Read on to find where to find the best Sprinter van accessories

Sprinter Van Accessories for a Road Trip

When planning a road trip, you’ll want to have all the comforts of home. While several amenities may be available to the consumer according to the optional packages purchased, aftermarket Sprinter van accessories may make things easier, more comfortable, and more convenient. 

    • Bedding: The first thing you’ll want to consider when planning a road trip is comfort. Do I have a place to sleep? There are a few options. You can get a hanging bed for adults or children. Conversely, you can turn the entire van floor into a bed with a bedding system, complete with a mattress. Another option would be to get a roof rack and set up a rooftop tent to spend the night. The Safari rack’s usable width is 53.25.”
    • Storage is another concern when you’re on a road trip. You don’t want everything constantly shifting around as you’re driving. Gallies, cabinets, shelving units, storage designed to use wasted space, and cubbies are all perfect and convenient storage options for anything you want to carry. But what about if you have something odd-shaped that doesn’t fit into one of those storage locations? Don’t worry; we have options for that as well. You can secure them in a box or other container or directly to the van’s roof by opting for a different type of roof rack. Then there are the “pull out” racks which can hold such things as bikes, coolers, and grills.   
    • Roof storage: You can secure things like canoes, bikes, and boxes that don’t fit into the van. Make sure you secure whatever you plan on storing on the van’s roof racks with cam straps. But how are you going to access the van’s roof? Why not buy a ladder that goes around the wheel or is secured to the van’s rear door so you always have it handy?  
  • Ski enthusiasts: In addition to the roof racks, which can carry things like skis and snowboards
  • Comfort: There are a few things that you can do to help maximize comfort. You can get an aftermarket space air conditioner, pill window trim, or an awning to protect you against the sun.  

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Sprinter Van Accessories for Work Vehicles

Many of the same accessories that help create a comfortable road trip vehicle are also excellent ideas for a work van. Because storage is at such a premium, every square inch needs to be used as efficiently as possible. The self-same cabinets, galleys, cubbies, and shelving units used for road trips might be configured solely for odd-sized tools, filled with boxes with tiny drawers of various types of fasteners such as nuts, bolts, screws, and nails. Another might hold tubes of caulk, flashlights, batteries, and specialized tools for the job. 

You wouldn’t worry about bedding for a work vehicle, but maybe the hanging beds could offer more storage than closed cabinets, with the items secured with straps bolted to the vehicle’s sides. Wheel well storage allows you to provide storage to unusable space. The “pull out” racks might be the perfect accessory to store a toolbox. Some tools are awkward or heavy. Installing a rear tube step may make getting in or out of the Sprinter van easier. Also, for work vans that need to store ladders on top, the step extension may be the right accessory for you.  

Also, having a flat while going to or from a job site may be quite problematic. Oh, your employer or the customer might allow it to happen once, so that’s why it’s vital to ensure you have a spare with you. That’s where having a tire mount can come in handy.   

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Sprinter Van Accessories for Passenger Vehicles

Using your Sprinter Van as a bus or people transport is no excuse to skimp on accessories. With so many people crammed into the van, it can quickly get too warm. That’s where a portable air conditioner can come in. Conversely, if your passengers prefer fresh air, you can accommodate them too by equipping the can with the wheel wrap side ladder. It allows the window to open while still having access to the van roof. 

Also, place cubbies between the rows of seats and line them with plastic bags; you never have to worry about garbage cluttering up the van.  

Maybe the entire vehicle doesn’t have seats. Use the Sprinter Van’s back section for storage, equipping it with cabinets and “pull out” racks that can slide from beneath the seats.