4 Essential Things To Remember When Moving Out Of A Rental Property

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Written By Charlotte Miller


One of the most stressful things about finding a rental property is ensuring you have enough money to cover the rent and security deposit. And collecting the full security deposit is one of the most stressful things about moving out again. Because whether it’s to fund the next rental property or something else, very few people can afford to lose that money. As such, it pays to remember some essentials when getting ready to move out of a rental property so that it’s left in a condition the landlord can’t complain about.

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Take Photos

When moving in, be your future friend and take date-stamped photos and videos of the house before signing the contract and moving in. Doing so allows you to document any existing wear and damage to the property so you can’t be held liable for it upon leaving. Most landlords are reasonable people who aren’t looking to take advantage of renters; however, the few with fewer scruples can be hard to see until it’s too late. Protecting yourself and your security deposit from the beginning can save a lot of frustration and arguments later. Always hire commercial movers which have good customer reviews and experience.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Keeping carpets pristine is impossible but keeping them clean isn’t, and it’s vital that when exiting a rental property, you ensure the floors are thoroughly clean. For the duration of your tenancy, a commercially available carpet stain cleaner can lift most spots and stains. But there will always be that stubborn stain that hasn’t fully lifted and ground in dirt from normal usage. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner for the final clean ensures you hand the property back with the flooring in good condition and ready for the next tenants.   


Professional Exit Clean

Moving is time-consuming, and the turnaround time between removing your belongings and having the property ready to hand back is usually tight. One way of removing the stress and ensuring the landlord doesn’t complain about the state of the property is to hire a professional cleaning company to do an exit clean. Doing this allows you to concentrate on moving into your new home and give peace of mind that the standard of cleaning is high.

A couple of things to note with hiring professional services at the end of a tenancy; do any repair work before the cleaners come in, and have the landlord inspect the house after the cleaning and before handing back the keys. Even minor redecorating and repair jobs can make an unintended mess, and you don’t want to mess up that expensive cleaning job. Having the house inspected before handing back the keys stops the owner from making a mess decorating and renovating and then trying to blame you for the mess.

Most people have no issues when moving from a rental property, and by taking a few precautions, you too will get your security bond back. Take photos at the start of the lease for a visual reference for the state of the house, then hire professional cleaning services to return it to the same condition upon leaving.