Why your next sectional sofa should be a sleeper

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Written By Charlotte Miller

If you’re already looking for a sectional sofa for your home, you will have realized by now that there are many more options than there used to be. You can get sectionals with a chaise, recliners, hidden storage, modular pieces that can be moved as needed, and – as you probably guessed – sleepers. 

Having a sleeper sofa in your living room, family room, or rec room is an excellent idea for many reasons. First, and most obvious, it gives you a place to temporarily quarter visiting friends and family. You may also use the bed on occasion on a spur of the moment, such as when a night gets too late or someone has had too much to drink to drive home.

These are fairly standard uses for a pull-out sofa bed, but there are many other ways that you can use this versatile furniture. Now that you can get sleepers in sectionals as well as sofas, loveseats, and chairs, it is easy to design a room that allows for as many guests as you wish. Here are some additional ways you could use a sectional sofa with sleeper.

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Grown-up game night

Friends getting together just to play cards or board games is once again extremely popular, and once again parents are getting together on the weekends for a regular game night. Developing a rec room for the purpose is fairly easy if you have a family room, finished or partially finished basement, or other unused finished space. 

In addition to a table large enough for your group and whatever you might want to play, you can also arrange a sectional with a pull-out bed near the center of the room, facing a mounted television and entertainment center with streaming devices and gaming consoles. This way you can use the rec room for literally any type of gaming you prefer. 

Meanwhile, the kids can watch movies while the adults play their games, and you won’t have to worry about children being haphazardly strewn about the floor, posing a hazard to themselves and others.

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A romantic evening

“Netflix and chill” doesn’t have to be something for young dating couples. It is important for all couples, regardless of how long they have been together, to spend some time just with each other. A great way to make that happen in a more comfortable setting is to pull out the bed from your sectional sleeper and cuddle up in front of the big-screen television.

Babysitter Central

If you and your partner like to get out on the town on occasion, having a sectional with a sleeper can be a huge benefit. You won’t have to worry about how late you are out. The babysitter can watch movies and play games with the kids in the living room or family room while lounging on the sectional. Then, the kids can be put to bed on the sectional while the babysitter takes the pull-out bed. Even if they don’t stay after you get home, they will be appreciative for the comfortable place to rest.