Why Your Office Flooring Should Never Be An Afterthought

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Written By Rohan Mathew

Offices typically experience a lot of foot traffic, so as well as choosing a type of flooring that looks good and matches the rest of the décor, it’s important to choose one that’s sturdy and durable, too. 

To help you find the best Commercial Flooring for your office, here are a few things to keep in mind:

How it looks

This is of course an important factor to consider, and you should think carefully about your chosen flooring and how it will look when installed. From complementing the existing décor, to standing out and contrasting with it, commercial flooring should, and can, look stylish and attractive. 

What it will be exposed to

From foot traffic to general wear and tear, what the floor of an office is exposed to is an important consideration to make when choosing a material type. Lots of footfall on a regular basis will demand a material such as luxury vinyl tiles or heavy duty linoleum, and if a flooring is likely to be stained or get dirty, choosing a material that can easily be cleaned will be a priority. 

You may also want to consider having carpet tiles fitted, as these can easily be removed and replaced should they become stained, scuffed or damaged.

Your budget

How much money is available for flooring will obviously feature highly in your list of considerations, but while you may be tempted to purchase cheaper flooring, there is always a risk of it becoming worn and tired-looking well before its time. Should this happen due to the inferiority of the flooring type, you could end up spending more money by having to replace it in a few years’ time, making a more expensive, durable option, the more cost-effective choice in the long term. 

The type of business you’re operating

If your business is one that hosts frequent visitors, for example, you may wish to invest in a more high-end type of flooring that will impress visually, and have a good under-foot feel. If your office is on an industrial site and experiences a lot of footfall from employees or visitors in heavy boots, on the other hand, it would be best to focus on durability over style.

How safe it needs to be

Anti-slip flooring can be beneficial in areas where water might be spilled, or in busy corridors, whereas in some areas of the office, such as the bathroom or kitchen, for instance, it is a must to prevent potential accidents. 

What are the different types of commercial flooring available?

Once you’ve considered all of the factors listed above, you can choose from following popular flooring options such as carpet tiles, safety flooring, and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). Having grown in popularity in recent decades, luxury vinyl tiles might be a little pricier than some of the alternatives, but in terms of style and durability, they’re hard to beat. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, which could make them a more cost-effective than other flooring types since they’ll last longer and still look great for many years to come. That said, if you really are on a budget, carpet tiles might be a good option. Although not as hard wearing as LVTs, they are easy and affordable to replace when they do get worn or become stained, and come in a whole host of different styles and colours. 

Commercial carpet and flooring can help make an office look more welcoming, and yet it must be durable enough to withstand frequent footfall, and the comings and goings of office life. As such, the type of flooring you choose should never be an afterthought, and deserves as much thought given to it as anything else in a modern office space.