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Written By Charlotte Miller

Information technology, which burst into our lives a few decades ago, has practically turned it upside down. Everything has changed: the rhythm, the speed, the information content. The mobile phone and its many functions have become an indispensable companion and helper in dealing with many issues. 

However, as usual, this availability of information has two sides. A variety of fraudsters who have got hold of your mobile phone data can easily gain access to your financial information. So how do you protect yourself from this? There are a few options, and one of them is a virtual number to receive SMS online.

We would like to point out at once: this method will not solve all problems at once, but it solves one particular problem quickly and qualitatively, and that is hiding your personal phone number. 

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Why do you need a virtual phone number? 

Often when you register somewhere, you are required to provide your personal details – including your phone number. And after a while it begins to receive all sorts of SMS with advertising content. It’s all well and good, but your phone starts making noises at the most inappropriate times, distracting you from an important meeting or causing you to look back at the phone when you’re strictly watching the road while you’re driving. And this is just a small part of the inconvenience, not to mention the fact that databases of phone numbers are bought, sold, transferred amongst sellers of various goods or services. 

So many people, in order to protect their personal phone number, acquire another one – a virtual number, which is only used to receive SMS. You can’t use this number to make a call, you can’t receive a call – it’s used purely to receive text messages.

How to buy a virtual phone number for SMS using SMS-man

SMS-man is one of the most powerful web-based services available worldwide. In order to use them, you need to register on the service website. The website will give you a virtual number from 256 countries, which can be used to receive SMS when you register with a service.

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Here is a short instruction on how to buy a virtual number:

  1. Register on
  2. Go to “Pay” in the top menu of main page and refill your balance.
  3. Choose on the main page the country of temporary number and service for registration.
  4. To buy a virtual number, click on the “buy” button to the right of the selected service.
  5. Use this number when registering to the service you have chosen.
  6. To view received SMS, go to your personal cabinet at and click on “Get SMS” button.