Adding a Tank Top To Your Clothing Arsenal: 5 Ways To Wear Them

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Written By Charlotte Miller

The world of men’s tank tops is a difficult one to navigate. On the one hand, a tank top can add variety, breathability, and comfort to your clothing arsenal. On the other hand, nobody wants to hear the words “wife beater” spoken about their clothing, and showing a little bit too much skin can be difficult when exiting the confines of home. Luckily, there are a number of types of tank tops, and ways to wear tank tops that not only avoid negative connotations, but straight up make you look cool. Here are five ways to wear a tank top that serve not only your wardrobe, but your confidence.

1. Boldness

Alright, this one isn’t an exact piece of fashion advice, but it is necessary in the discussion of how to wear a tank top. Any way you wear it, you need to wear it boldly, and with confidence. Introducing a tank top in any environment other than playing volleyball with your friends on the beach is going to require you to be a little bit bold. Remember Tyler Durden, from Fight Club, that’s the type of boldness we’re talking about. Your style is yours, your body is yours, and you’re going to wear what you want to. When you walk confidently with your tank, you’re going to crush your outfit. With boldness factored in, let’s talk about some types of tanks, and ways to wear them.

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2. The Slim Tank

This one requires more boldness than the rest, and a good bit of tastefulness. While anyone can wear a tank top, this type of outfit is made for those who love their body, and want to show it off. A tight (or slim) tank top paired with casual slacks, or a distressed pair of jeans is a great way to say “I’m here.” The important thing with this type of tank is to make sure that it’s not too thin of fabric. Maybe you want people to see your shoulder tattoos, maybe you’ve been hitting the gym and are damn proud of it, but what you don’t want people looking at are your nipples, and making sure those aren’t the focal point is important. Other than this, walk with confidence, and you’ve got it down.

3. Athletic Fit

Tank tops are an excellent choice for athletes, or anyone engaging in athletic practices. They are breathable, comfortable, and allow you to focus on your workout rather than how your clothing feels. Pair a darker colored tank top with your favorite pair of running shorts, or an athletic pair of sweatpants. If you’re not a bodybuilder, you don’t need to tear the sleeves off a T-shirt to go to the gym. Find a tank that feels good, the tank top built to be a tank top will serve you better in the long term, will look better, and will avoid your sweat getting onto absolutely everything. Pick one that makes you feel confident in the gym, call it yours, and remember to wear deodorant!

4. Graphic, and Relaxed

A graphic, relaxed-fit tank top may be the single most versatile tank top you can add to a wardrobe. The relaxed fit does not mean oversized or loose, just that it doesn’t aggressively hug those pectorals you’ve been working so hard on. This type of tank top can be paired with a pair of colored shorts—blue, green, white, pink if you’re bold—and works well with a pair of sneakers, flip flops, and glasses or a cap of your choice. As with all outfits including a tank, wear it with confidence. If your look is you, you don’t need to worry about being judged for it.

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5. Pair it!

There are a number of ways to use tank tops in a pairing that are bold, and will surely draw eyes to not only your outfit, but to your confidence. Remember when we brought up Tyler Durden in Fight Club? That’s a great example. Granted, we’re not all Brad Pitt, but we can pull on his confidence! A tank top with a fur coat and jeans, while we can’t all pull that off, it’s his confidence that did it. Finding creative pairings for your tanks can be an exciting move, and can make you stand out in a crowd. Try pairing your tank top with a loose shirt over it, a scarf with the right material, or hell, go full Tyler Durden and walk with all your confidence on the floor. 

Of course how you wear your tank top is up to you, but do what makes you feel comfortable, and do what makes you feel confident. When you wear this item of clothing in the way that best suits you, you may be surprised by how great you feel about yourself.