How to Select the Right Silicone Toothbrush

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Have you ever noticed that the personal items that we use the most ate the ones we think the least about? For example, our toothbrushes. And in theory, you know what works well for you. Maybe it is a comfortable handle or even soft bristles… or maybe a head that will hold the right amount of toothpaste, right? I’m even going to adventure myself and say that you found one with your favorite color.  

But I’m wondering if you ever wondered how toothbrushes have developed with time and technology advances and how many options and variations one will be able to find in the market. Besides the very well know manual toothbrush and also the electric one, we can find the silicone toothbrush. I will focus on this one letting you know why is it a good fit for your family and for yourself and how you can choose the right one. 


How to find the right silicone toothbrush?

I think probably one of the best ways to find the best one is to start by asking your dentist for recommendations. They tend to know which brands are the best depending on your different needs. If you would like something more custom and with more affordable prices you should start looking for a silicone mold supplier, that will be able to produce them for you. 

Besides that, it is important that you look for ones that feel safe and soft not only for your mouth but also for your children’s ones. It is always important to make sure that the silicone they are made of is BPA-free, so neither you nor your baby gets in contact with toxic chemicals that can cause you any illnesses. 

A little bit of bristle history

What we know as the modern-day toothbrush first appeared around 1938. This was the time when nylon began to be used as a replacement for the hair bristles that had been used since the 1400s. But people used some sort and form of toothbrush actually since 3000 BC. Wow! I’m very impressed. While the goal of the toothbrush has stayed the same, meaning keeping a healthy smile and cleaning the teeth, there have been a lot of technological advances since those years. 

Nowadays, we see that most people rather use the toothbrush with its standard plastic handle and nylon bristles, while some others are more technological and are using electric or sonic toothbrushes. 

Yet, you are wondering the following:

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Is the silicone toothbrush worth it?

We would like to say, yes! Using a silicone toothbrush will thoroughly but gently clean your gums. Imagine that for some reason, you don’t get to clean between your teeth as regularly as you should. Then plaque, or that ugly and sticky biofilm, will start accumulating in your mouth. If it doesn’t get removed, it will harden and become tartar under your gumline, leading to inflammation of that area. If you have inflamed gums, they will bleed, and swell and you might get periodontal disease. So basically, it has the potential of fighting gingivitis.  Some studies say that silicone toothbrushes will remove dental plaque as well as the standard nylon ones. 

It is not only good for adults and teens but silicone toothbrushes are also very beneficial when it comes to brushing the baby’s teeth. These types of toothbrushes will wipe the baby’s gums clean while massaging them, especially when the baby chews them. During the teething time, these massages will help relieve the discomfort the baby is feeling. 

Besides that, it is important that you get your children started with good oral care routines, so they can establish teeth brushing habits for the rest of their life. Usually, the dentist will recommend you to use a baby toothbrush once their teeth start erupting before you can clean their gums and tongue with a clean damp cloth or even a finger brush, especially after every time you feed them.