Shoe Shopping 101: A Crash Course in Finding Your Ideal Pair

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Written By Charlotte Miller

If you don’t care about the nitty-gritty of fashion, buying shoes may feel like just another shopping spree. But when you want footwear that fits like a glove and feels like a million bucks, you may get why so many people pull their hair over this seemingly fun process.

From trendy style to comfortable materials, shoe shopping involves a lot of unchecked boxes. If you somehow make the wrong decision, you end up losing money on footwear that you may not even like to wear. To help you avoid this route, here’s a lowdown on smart shoe shopping.

Know Your Style

While there are several essential shoes for women, you should take a moment to understand your personal style before you go about buying all types of footwear. This helps you invest in shoes that go right in line with your fashion and don’t look out of place with the rest of your wardrobe. For example, if you are a fan of feminine style, shoes like pumps may suit you the best. But if you wear minimalist clothes, footwear like sleek sneakers might be a better fit.

Understand Your Activity Level

Whether your style leads you to womens loafers or kitten heels, you might want to choose your shoes according to your activity level. The reason is simple: If you wear delicate shoes while performing strenuous activities, they might just come off under pressure. On the other hand, if you slip on heavy footwear for formal events, it may dampen your entire look. That is why you need to pay special attention to this part of shoe shopping.

Determine Your Needs

Your style and activity level aren’t the only things that determine what type of shoes you should wear. For example, if you are looking for shoes to wear while using an online fitness platform, training shoes might be great. But if you want a comfortable pair of footwear for walking around at your job all day, your best bet would be some type of sneakers. Once you understand your needs, it becomes easier to shop for your ideal shoes.

Prioritize Your Comfort

Even if you want a pair of stilettos, you have to put your comfort front and center. When you pick shoes made from comfy material with a special structure, you can reduce your chances of running into issues like foot pain and back pain. Many types of shoes also let you wear insoles that add another layer of comfort to your footwear. This can work wonders whether you are searching for the perfect spring shoes or ideal winter footwear.

Your Foot Arch Plays a Major Role

If your feet have a high or low arch, shoes made for a normal foot arch might end up triggering soreness and discomfort for you. In these cases, you need to pick shoes that are made to fit the type of foot arch that you have. In case you find special options to be pricier than usual, you can use a price history tracker to possibly shave off a few bucks on this kind of footwear.

When Possible, Choose Laces

Many shoes, like slip-ons and Mary Janes, don’t have laces, but they still remain comfortable for you to wear. With that being said, wearing footwear with shoe laces can make or break your comfort level in some cases. This is especially true if you want to wear your new shoes in demanding conditions like running or weight training. By learning how to match outfits with footwear, you can be confident in deciding whether you should lace up or not.

Differentiate Between Primary and Secondary Footwear

Similar to how your favorite mani set gives you various nail shades to choose from, your ideal shoes aren’t limited to a single pair of footwear. Instead, you can have a favorite pair of heels for formal occasions and preferred sneakers for everyday wear. When buying a new pair of shoes, you can also categorize your purchase as primary or secondary footwear. This can lead you to make better decisions according to how much you might wear your new shoes.  

These suggestions are not difficult to follow, but they will make a world of difference during your shoe-shopping adventures. When you follow these tips, you may easily see the difference in your shopping experience.