The Lone Wolf’s Guide to Moving States By Yourself

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Written By Charlotte Miller

Whether you’re young and single or older without a spouse, you might be worried about moving states by yourself if you’re not married or moving with someone else. How will you move all your stuff, and how will you find a job and affordable housing? 

Even if you’re going alone, there are plenty of ways you can plan ahead and get help if you need it.

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Don’t be afraid to lean on professional help

Many people can rely on family and friends to help them move. But if you’re a lone wolf, you may have to rely on professionals to accomplish your relocation. If you’re stressing about how to ship a car to another state or transfer your belongings from one point to another, contact well-reviewed movers and auto shippers in your area. 

Don’t overpack

When packing your clothes, remember that less is more. If it’s been a while since you’ve worn an item, you probably won’t wear it now. In addition, you don’t want your old life to follow you to your new place. Make some room for new things in your new home. 

The same is true for nostalgic items and things you forgot you even had. If you haven’t played piano since elementary school, donate those old lesson books so you don’t have to move them. Now is the time to do some serious organizing and purging of your belongings.

Budget for your post-moving expenses

Start planning your spending after researching the cost of living in your new state. How much do you want to spend in each area of your budget? Preparing like this helps you keep your expectations realistic and minimizes stress because you’ll know your options and limitations. 

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Get a “bridge” job while looking for a career in your field

If you need to find work as soon as possible, don’t limit yourself to your field. Send out as many applications as possible. Remember that a bridge job isn’t permanent, but it helps pay your bills and settle down. 

Keep your dreams in mind when working at these types of jobs. Find ways to excel at what you want to do and learn about work opportunities in the new place. Be prepared for job interviews if you get them. 

Look for a place to stay in your new state

If you need a place to stay, follow the same advice for a job. Rent in a neighborhood you like if you have plenty of money. On the other hand, consider Airbnb or hostels as temporary housing if you’re on a limited budget. These options give you a place to stay while looking for permanent accommodation that suits your needs. 

Final word

If you plan your budget carefully, take any job you can find to start but keep looking for work, and take affordable housing while you look for something more desirable, the move to your chosen state will be less stressful. Good luck, and don’t forget to label to your boxes.