Understand Oracle EBS

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Written By Berry Mathew

Oracle’s E-business Suite is a software that premier Enterprise Resource Planning solutions that can be successfully implemented in different organizations altogether. With time, this system has evolved a lot. Traditionally, EBS has been deployed on commodity hardware, but technological innovations continued, and it has now become an important software that can help in providing better performance altogether. If you are looking for the EBS system testing, just get in touch with the team of Opkey. It is one of the most reliable platforms that deal in testing such software to provide better functioning.

Today Oracle EBS has come up with its latest version i.e. EBS 12.2.11. Upgrading to this version can provide the users with many benefits listed below:

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  • Provides long-term premier support: Oracle has always followed the concept of being innovative continuously. This strategy has helped them to evolve the best version that can deliver all the best services, which are quite necessary. Oracle EBS has come up with many features that can deliver people the best software user experience. The use of this version will improve functionality, scalability, commitment, and usability just by reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Easy to install with new tools: The use of the Oracle Rapid install tool will provide hassle-free installation to different tools. The software is designed in such a way that it becomes compatible with almost every type of system. Even the upgradation process has become quite easy. For better performance, just check all the technical requirements.
  • Online patching and minimal downtime: The latest version of Oracle EBS has come up with a great feature known as online patching. This feature will allow the enterprise to upgrade the ERP while all the other systems will keep on running, and the users are online all the time. The use of this feature just minimizes downtime, which is a very important thing.
  • Provides better business value with new applications: The use of the best EBS version can provide many cross-functional applications which were not there in the previous versions. All the features in this system are provided at better prices, and its maintenance will offer great visibility on the pricing and metric functionalities. This system focuses more on customers, so the control over the system is better than before.
  • Great technical improvements: Mostly, when the versions come up of software, there are some or the other technical improvement done. The same goes with Oracle EBS, as the latest version has a lot of technical improvements that provide lifestyle management of the EVS environment that runs on the OCI.

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Mostly the EBS will work seamlessly; for more information about this system at Opkey. This platform can provide with e-business suite upgrade, which will provide with better user experience. Opkey is one such platform that has more than 125 testing experts who will also guide all the customers properly. The services of Opkey are being trusted by more than 250 enterprises all across the globe. You can easily book your demo with up just by visiting our website.